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Trading is risky.

Most traders lose money.


1. What is MissionFX?
MissionFX is a company led by Nick Shawn that teaches people how Nick personally trades. Nick is not a financial advisor and is not licensed in any professional field. He's just some guy who trades, and shares what works for him personally, and makes no representation, guarantee, or promise that will you achieve any specific result.

2. How risky is trading?
Trading is very risky, and you'll probably lose money doing it - probably better to not even try to learn trading. Nick has been doing it for 7 years, he is one of the few people who are able to trade profitably, and you're probably not the exception to the rule, so continue at your own risk. It's intelligent to use a demo account for 1-2 years minimum until profitability is established to a level you're comfortable with, then a trader can determine whether or not to begin live trading with an amount of capital that aligns with their risk tolerance.

3. What type of returns can I get with trading?
Probably nothing. Nick's returns vary by month to month, and can be within a wide range of % depending on what metrics are used to calculate it. If you're asking this question right now, you're probably not in the appropriate mindset for successful trading.

4. What broker/platform does Nick use?
Nick uses multiple brokerages, and spreads out capital among many of them. For Nick's style of trading, a broker with 1:500 leverage and hedge mode enabled works best. This list is not a complete or updated list, and Nick is not and has never been affiliated with any forex, stock, or crypto brokerage - but throughout the past 7 years, Nick has personally used:
Forex Brokers:
Coinexx, Hugosway, Hankotrade, Tradersway, Oanda, LQDFX, and VT Markets.
Stock Brokers:
Robinhood, Webull, and TD Ameritrade.
Crypto Exchanges:
Nick uses Metatrader 5 mobile for placing trades with his brokers, and uses Tradingview for analysis.
These are not recommendations, and Nick bears zero responsibility for your personal decisions in selecting a broker or platform.

5. What payment methods do you accept?
We process card payments through Stripe. Sometimes, we might be able to accept another payment method. You can email us and ask to use a different payment method ONLY at - DO NOT communicate with MFX/Nick Shawn anywhere else except for this support email. We will never persistently ask you to send crypto for any investment scheme or mentorship. There are thousands of fake accounts of Nick and MFX. Be careful.

6. How do I cancel my subscription to MFX Close Friends?
MFXCF is an automatically recurring subscription. You can cancel it on the website by logging in using the credentials you created when you signed up and paid for the group - - you can also email us at

FTC/CFTC Legal Risk Disclaimer.
Trading is extremely risky, and you will probably lose all or more of the money you try to trade/invest with - even if you follow all the information that Nick Shawn/MissionFX teaches. Your odds of making money trading are almost 0%. We make no guarantees or promises that you will achieve any specific result at all.
Please read our full risk disclaimer so that you understand all of the risks associated with trading.

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